OVERVIEW: Moms Against Hunger is a non-profit Christian charity providing relief to children and families who lack food, clothing, medical supplies and life sustaining aid due to serious life threatening catastrophes, natural disasters, wars and famines. 

   No one knows the needs of children better than a mom. That’s why Mom’s Against Hunger exists; to provide nutrition, clothing and aid to needy families. This ministry serves those in need both around the corner – by providing practical supplies and assistance for hurricane and tornado victims here in the U. S. - and also around the world, by providing food for Africa, clothing for South America and even the shipping of essential water filtration pumps to help fight cholera for Haiti’s earthquake victims.  Famines and wars, fires and floods are terrible trials that require others to help in sustaining life.

DIRECTOR:  Dr. Gayla Holley

ADDRESS:  P. O. Box 11162
                    Spring, Texas