OVERVIEW: Jerry and Zuzanna Low have a vision tailored to the needs of the Balkan region.  Intentional Strategies for Transformation is the name of their ministry which exists to alleviate spiritual, physical and emotional poverty.

  This vision is realized through three priorities: Prayer, Working with the Poor and Discipleship.
    For the Prayer priority, the Lows have launched the Upper Room in Zagreb to create a place for praying where all believers can come seek the Lord and His will and experience His presence.  
    The priority of Working with the Poor will encompass four main concepts: Crisis help, Self help, Education and Employment. The Low’s heart is to help the poor in sustainable ways that will transform their lives and bring lasting change spiritually, physically as well as emotionally.
    Discipleship will be the last phase of development which will encompass the first two priorities, Prayer and the Poor. This will focus on practical application of the scriptures and life skills.

MISSION DIRECTORS:  Jerry & Zuzanna Low

ADDRESS:  JelenĨica 10. #102 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

TELEPHONE:   972.746.3536