Overview: The purpose of the European Initiative - now known as E. I. - is to spiritually impact European nations through five initiatives:  First - Jewish Ministry,  Second - Teaching/Equipping,  Third - Outreach & Evangelism, Fourth - Benevolence, and Fifth - a Prayer Initiative.  Now based in BerlinGermany; this ministry is impacting 

the region with the Gospel, to the Jew first and also to Gentiles.
  Founders, Jeff and Barb Serio are beginning to see progress in pursuing their God-given vision as they have networked with European Church Leaders and are hosting ministry teams from the United States during the summer, as well as promoting special events during colder seasons.  The Serio's have also been very instrumental in doing outreaches to Poland, Romania and other neighboring countries. 

Founders:  Jeff & Barb Serio

Address:  PO Box 772, Colleyville, Texas  76034

Telephone:  +49.972.816.7672