OVERVIEW: 90% of India’s 1.2 billion people are without Christ according to the Joshua Project.  Of this 90%, 800 million have never heard the name of Jesus or the good news that He died for us.  Today, these hundreds of millions of Indians wait to hear the Gospel.

   Reaching India includes facing a challenging plethora of cultural difficulties.  456 languages, 2500 people groups, and a still-practiced caste system makes it hard to spread the Word of God. The thousands of people groups in this nation are separated by many subtle cultural differences.
   Serve India Ministries exists to help facilitate ful-filling the great commission in this great land, also known as a sub-continent.  From equipping many pastors on a monthly basis to helping them plant  5 congregations in 5 years, with feeding and educating the poor almost daily, S. I. M. has become a 24/7 movement for the spreading of the Good News of Jesus and discipling new followers.

FOUNDER:  Ebenezer Samuel

ADDRESS:  PO Box 522
                     Charleston, IL 61920

TELEPHONE:  (217) 345-5746